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Lanline Technologies is your premier provider of VoIP,  Cloud PBX, Fibre & Fixed wireless access solutions, serving over 12,000 customers and businesses. We offer innovative, plug-and-play communication products and high-speed internet services designed to keep you connected and productive.

Looking for an affordable & flexible

Business PBX solution?

No Cables, No Long Term Contracts, Low Power Usage, No lengthy installation time lines & Fast Delivery.

Lanny | Finding you great deals on VOIP, PBX and Fibre

Why Lanline?


Low Cost Call Rates

We aim to keep our call rates as low as possible while providing the best service & solutions.


Nationwide Connectivity

Lanline has interconnect agreement with all major providers around South Africa


Cloud PBX Features

Enjoy enterprise level Cloud PBX features at any scale


Lower hardware investment

The phones we provide are sim driven, plug and play and require only power to operate. No bulky expensive servers & systems.

Lanline provides a Telecom Solution in a completely unique way compared to the our competitors.

- Month to Month agreements
- No equipment finance agreements
- No additional infrastructure requirements
- Delivery of a plug and play solution within 5 working days
- A 30 day money back guarantee

- Selectable options for minutes, concurrency and hardware based on your requirement

Keep your existing phones 

Lanline Home & Business Solutions are compatible with a variety of IP Phones.

Bring your own device and pay for SIP only.

Lanline IP Phone

No Bulky Infrastructure

The phones we provide are sim driven, plug-and-play and require only power to operate. Choose from our range desktop, cordless and operator phones. 

lanline apn sim.png

Free Nationwide Delivery

Once you have chosen and ordered the product and service that best suits your need, we will program and send you your devices with a tracking number.

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Unlimited Support

Our support team is always ready to assist. You can even send us a WhatsApp.

Lanny | Finding you great deals on VOIP, PBX and Fibre

Free Porting

Port all your geographical and non-geographical numbers for free when moving to Lanline.

Free Porting | Lanline Technologies |

What do our customers say about us?

Robert B

" That man deserves a raise. "

I have had a Lanline phone for a few years now, I had a signal problem earlier and though to myself, Oh no I have to deal with another call center agent which has always been a real pain. 

I am mailing you to commend you the friendly, efficient and excellent service I received from Sheldon, it was a true pleasure dealing with him and that is not something you find very often in SA these days. That man deserves a raise.

Ambrose O

" Excellent customer service "

Thank you Mr. Jason Blight for your incredible sales and customer service care. You and your team helped to acquire the best telephone service provider and I look forward to getting two more lines and expanding the business. Thanks.

Realeboga L

" Outstanding! 10/10! "

My service experience with Jason Blight at Lanline was outstanding! I recommend him a lot! He's very patient, understanding and excellent at doing his job! 10/10!

Our service partners

Cell C | Lanline Technologies | Market leading VoIP & Cloud PBX provider
Telkom | Lanline Technologies | Market leading VoIP & Cloud PBX provider
Vodacom | Lanline Technologies | Market leading VoIP & Cloud PBX provider
MTN | Lanline Technologies | Market leading VoIP & Cloud PBX provider
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How can we help you?

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