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6 Things to Consider when selecting a Business PBX Solution

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Choosing the right PBX for your business is an important decision for any business. There are many reasons for selecting a PBX. In this article the focus is on helping you, as a business owner, decide on getting the right PBX solution.

Why have a PBX system?

The biggest benefit of having a PBX system for your business is your business sounds more professional. One of the first personal interactions with your business is on the phone. You want this to be world class. Having a PBX system enables you to do just that.

What is a PBX

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange. A PBX is a telephone system which switches calls. These calls are between callers on local lines. A PBX also enables people to share a certain number of external phone lines. It is clever system to handle incoming and outgoing calls, routing it to the right number or person.

Different types of PBX systems

There are a couple of different types of PBX systems to choose from for your business. Understanding the different types of PBX system will help you make the right choice.

Traditional Analogue PBX

These are analogue PBX systems. Typically, there is a lot of hardware required to get the system running. Cabling is also required. Moving the system is tedious and requires a lot of work. This PBX system was needed for businesses with many employees. They needed to have system to route calls to people.

Digital PBX

A step up from analogue PBX is a digital PBX. These systems also have hardware and cabling requirements but are more intelligent. Expanding is easier. However, because of the hardware and cabling, moving it or extending lines may need a technician to do the work


With the internet came online VOIP solutions. VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. This means the call is carried over a data or internet connection. When VOIP started the internet or data connectivity in South Africa was not always stable enough to handle voice calls. This has changed somewhat with stronger and bigger data lines.

Hybrid PBX

Currently a lot of businesses choose a hybrid PBX model. Where they have hardware and an online PBX solution. This is the best of both worlds. First, the PBX is cloud based so no need for big expensive hardware. Using data networks expanding and moving your telecommunications becomes a lot easier.

Top 6 considerations when choosing a PBX for your business

Here are our top 6 considerations when choosing a PBX solution for your business:

1) Ease of setup

How easy is it to setup your PBX? For some systems you need cabling as well as hardware. This typically also increases costs. You want to know how easy setup is. The harder or the more difficult, the higher the cost.

2) Expanding or consolidating your PBX

Consider the growth of your business. If you wanted to add a telephone, or extension, is this possible. Even if it is just one extension? The same goes if you do not need an extension anymore, is it possible to change it?

3) PBX Costs

What are all the costs in owning a PBX solution? This should include the PBX system, call costs and hardware related costs. Ensure you have full list of items to avoid any nasty surprises.

4) Support

Do you get support with your PBX? Because this is a critical function in your business, understand what support for your PBX entails.

5) Contract time

Some companies require extended agreement periods for their PBX solutions. Ensure you understand what this entails. Also, is there a finance charge for the PBX solution? What are the terms to end the agreement? And for how long is the agreement? These are important considerations.

6) PBX Functionality

What functionally do you require? When considering your business telecommunication, consider:

· Routing calls

· Call recording

· Number of calls (incoming and out-going calls)

· Personalization

· Call attendance

· Call forwarding

· etc

As you can see, selecting the right Business PBX solution is extremely important. We believe you have some new insights when selecting your PBX.

For a quote on a business PBX system, please contact us. One of our PBX specialists will be able to help you.

As a Lanline client you will get a unique, custom PBX solution to fit the needs of your business. Some of our PBX benefits include:

- Month to Month agreements

- No equipment finance agreements

- No additional infrastructure requirements

- Delivery of a plug and play solution within 5 working days

- A 30-day money back guarantee

- Selectable options for minutes, concurrency and hardware based on your requirement

Don't settle for less. Give us a call today.

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