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What business owners should know about choosing a PBX system

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Looking for a feature rich PBX system that can grow with your business? Easy to setup? Easy to extend? No long terms contracts? That is exactly what Lanline offers you.

With over 9000 clients Lanline has Klik PBX. It is a business solution tailored by you. Yes, by you. You decide on exactly what you want and what fits with your business requirements. Enjoy enterprise-level PBX features at any scale. Run all your devices from one voice bundle.

Traditional PBX solutions had many problems.

Cabling was a big one. Especially if you needed to move offices or change the layout. This required technicians to come out. Laying cables. And then checking everything actually works. No more. With Lanline our PBX solution is as flexible as your business. You can customize your package by choosing from a variety of products & services that suit your needs. Why pay for something you do not need?

Here are just some of the benefits you will enjoy when you become a Lanline client:

· Android, IOS & Responsive Web App Management Tools

· Free Porting

· Free Support

· Prepaid or Postpaid

· Nationwide connectivity

· Low-cost out of bundle call rates

· No Lengthy Contracts

· Per second billing

· Month to Month agreements

· No equipment finance agreements

· No additional infrastructure requirements

We want you to be very satisfied with your business PBX solution. This is why we offer a 30-Day money back guarantee giving you assurance in having the right PBX system for your business.

Our solution is plug and play.

This means it is very easy to add extensions. No cabling required. No technician with extra costs. And it’s fast. Need more extensions, it’s easy to do.

Moving your business?

No problem. Our PBX solution is easy to move to a new location. Even just changing the layout in your office is easy and fast. Move, plug in and start dialling.

Modern day businesses rely heavily on having a flexible communication solution. Gone are the days where you are stuck with long term contracts. Not to mention needing a bulky infrastructure. With Lanline all our agreements are 30 days.

If you are considering replacing your current PBX, then contact Lanline for a free quote.

It is time you experience what business PBX should be like.

Why choose Lanline as your preferred PBX solution provider?

Over 9000 clients choose Lanline. Here are just some of the reasons why:

· Low-Cost Call Rates: We aim to keep our call rates as low as possible while providing the best service & solutions.

· Nationwide Connectivity: Lanline has an interconnect agreement with all major providers around South Africa

· Cloud PBX Features: Enjoy enterprise level Cloud PBX features at any scale

· Lower hardware investment: The phones we provide are sim driven, plug and play and require only power to operate. No bulky expensive servers & systems.

Why wait any longer? Get the right business PBX solution tailored by you. Contact us today and one of our expert PBX solution specialists will guide you with a business PBX solution that fits, perfectly.

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